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Facebook Membership Provider


One of the great new features introduced in ASP.NET 2.0 was the use of the "provider model" which provides flexibility and extensibility to your Web applications. Using the provider model, we can easily extend the capabilities provided by the ASP.NET. We can extend the provider model to work with the membership & role information for the Web site users in a custom way, rather than the default SQL Server Express 2005 database. In this project we are trying to demonstrate how to use Facebook Connect featues as Membership Provider for an ASP.Net web application.

Facebook is no doubt, #1 social networking site. Facebook Connect provides Authentication service and also provides powerful set of APIs by which we can bring user's identity and connections to our web applications. Using Facebook connect can access a user's Idnetity(name, photos etc), Social Graph(friends and connections) and Stream(ctivity, distribution, and integration points within Facebook, like stream stories and Publishers)


You can download the source code for Facebook Membership Provider and demo web application from the download section. To run the downloaded project you need to create facebook developer application and set its appropriate connect and callback urls. And copy the API key and the secret key to web.config files.


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